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For more than two decades Hansa Projekt has been working for power companies, with a particular emphasis on nuclear power stations. Our key skills in this field centre on automation technology, building utilities management and radiation protection. Safety and reliability are the first concern in this ultrasensitive area. This is why specialist expertise, precision and a high degree of responsibility are top priorities for us.

Services and areas of expertise

Automation technology

  • Emergency power-generating sets
  • Electrical servodrives and control drives
  • ISKAMATIC B and GEAMATIC control technology
  • Contronic 3 automation system
  • Contronic 2 control system
  • Recurrent tests for conventional and nuclear measurement technology and electrotechnical facilities
  • Documentation in CAD, Cable Scout, BFS (whichever is the plant standard)
  • Maintenance and service of existing telecommunication and OS networks and LANs
  • Authorised to work in external systems and facilities in accordance with § 15 of the Strahlenschutzverordnung [Radiation Protection Ordinance]
  • Certified QS system based on KTA 1401
  • PZD-certified and radiation protection monitored personnel
  • DIN EN ISO 9001 certified

Radiation protection

  • Consulting on issues of radiation protection technology
  • Procurement of radiation protection measurement equipment
  • Checking and repair of radiation protection measurement equipment in accordance with § 67 of the Strahlenschutzverordnung [Radiation Protection Ordinance], including whole body monitors, swab test stations, contamination monitors and aerosol monitors for alpha- and beta-carried dust particles (monitoring may take place during atomic power station auditing periods)
  • Checking nuclear medicine measurement equipment based on DIN 6855-1

Building utilities management

  • Maintenance and repairs
  • Technical maintenance
  • Recurrent tests
  • Audit planning
  • S5 and S7 PLC programming
  • Bus systems
  • EIB
  • Telecontrol and process control technology
  • Building utilities technology

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