Our networks optimise your communications

The networking facilities within a company are a vital channel of both internal and external communications. Hansa Projekt plans and implements EDP operating rooms and computing centres in keeping with customer requirements and provides powerful IT systems with an intelligent and error-tolerant network structure. All relevant services - from analysis and consulting to planning, installation and configuration, and extending to include training and customer service - are supplied by Hansa Projekt from a single source.

Services and areas of expertise

Network technology

  • Structured copper and glass fibre cabling for speech, data, video and industrial communications
  • Redundant backup-capable network connections
  • Provision of cable systems to meet individual customer requirements
  • Glass fibre / backbone / fibre-to-desk solutions
  • CAT TV
  • Active network technology in LAN and WAN setups
  • Switches, routers, firewalls, virus scanners, WLAN, VPN, radio relay links, network management and distance monitoring
  • Laser and radio transmission
  • Error analysis
  • Infrastructural network documentation systems

Data Centres

  • Design of highly available computing centres, server rooms and communication centres, including power supply and air-conditioning
  • Modular IT data centre / room-in-room solutions
  • Backup / reserve computing centres in special containers
  • Cabinet systems / cooling / precision air-conditioning


  • High-fibre glass fibre networks for carriers in city and metropolitan area / location networking (MAN,WAN)
  • Carrier service contracts for passive glass fibre networks with 24 hour availability on 365 days in the year and up to two hours response time

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