Long-term operational reliability for communication and IT structures

Hansa Projekt's Managed Services business unit provides a comprehensive range of service process management services to systematically and proactively manage the communication and IT structures in your company. Over time technical infrastructures tend to grow to unmanageable proportions. Trouble shooting then turns into looking for a needle in a haystack in the event of technical failure, and this is not only time-consuming but above all can be expensive too. Hansa Projekt counteracts this using its method-driven, 3-stage ITIL Service Management process.

ITIL (IT Infrastructure Library) is a standard global Service Management code of practice and incorporates a comprehensive, publically available range of technical documentation dealing with IT services planning, provision and support issues. ITIL covers all aspects and areas of activity and is also of generic design, i.e. it is not tied to the technology that may be the subject of any managed services contract.

Hansa Projekt Managed Services ensures service quality by applying the following methods:

Services and Skills

Incident Management

  • Organisational and technical processes to react to identified and suspected IT security incidents and failures
  • Structured problem-solving and rapid remedial action to re-establish operational readiness
  • Service Hotline as a central contact point for all employees

Problem Management

  • Analysis and elimination of unidentified causes of actual and potential failures within IT structures
  • Reactive and proactive problem management for long-term problem-solving

Change Management

  • Efficient, controlled modifications to IT infrastructure, minimising risk
  • Generation of standardised methods and procedures to implement modifications

Failure incident handling for nationwide managed processes

Hansa Projekt Managed Services has a central Service Hotline in Hamburg with an appropriate number of agents to meet client requirements. Our team handles all processes (Incident, Problem and Change Management) using our ITIL-compliant service management tool in line with client-specific Service Level Agreements. Our employees also manage assignments by technicians from our nationwide, decentralised partner network. Here our strategy is to optimise “performance” using automated online handling methods. This enables Hansa Projekt Managed Services to guarantee the quality and efficiency of its service organisation.

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