Making your property safe

Whether it is a matter of private houses and residential accommodation, or of office buildings and industrial premises – your property needs to be protected, along with the people who live and work there. Hansa Projekt is a specialist in individualised security solutions for the monitoring and protection of property and technical facilities. Our security team is here to serve our customers with the best possible consulting, planning and development of projects relating to real estate, as well as practical implementation and ongoing support. Service and maintenance contracts ensure that your safety and security facilities will be reliably operational at all times.

Services and areas of expertise

Protection against break-ins

  • Centralised technology for apartments, houses, shops, commercial, industrial and office buildings
  • Networked central control units for intrusion detection systems in larger buildings and properties
  • Movement sensors
  • Light barriers
  • Holdup alarms
  • Glass breakage alarms
  • Magnetic contacts and bolt contacts
  • Structure-borne sound detectors
  • Acoustic and optical alarms
  • Internal sirens
  • Activation options with transponder, card, code keyboard or cylinder
  • Security lock systems with blocking element, blocking elements for doors
  • Dialling devices for communicating with security services or by SMS to your own mobile
  • Certified radio alarm systems (VdS class A and class B)

Video surveillance

  • Cameras for interior and outdoor areas
  • Fixed or adjustable systems
  • Cameras for day or night surveillance
  • Illumination with infrared spotlights
  • Surveillance of open spaces, entrance areas, driveways, stairwells, danger zones, carriageways, car parks and barriers
  • Alarm systems with photographic image recording
  • Network cameras linked to your own mobile
  • Different lenses for all areas, with an angle of vision up to 360°

Intercom systems

  • Residential telephones
  • Industrial telephones
  • Emergency telephones
  • Video stations and house substations
  • Door stations
  • Doorbell plates
  • Communication pillars
  • Systems for indoor / outdoor use

Access controls

  • Control systems for doors, offices, buildings and outdoor areas
  • Access authorisation by card, transponder or finger key
  • Time registration systems

Fire alarm systems

  • Central control units for fire alarm systems
  • Centralised technology for apartments, houses, shops, commercial, industrial and office buildings
  • Networked structures for larger buildings and properties
  • Extinguisher activation facilities for sprinklers and gas extinguishing systems
  • Optical smoke alarms, heat alarms and combined smoke and heat alarms
  • Thermodifferential and thermomaximal alarms
  • Multisensor alarms with integrated optical, thermal and gas sensors
  • Hand alarms
  • Home smoke detectors
  • Smoke suction systems, e.g. for sensitive high-bay storage systems, EDP rooms and computing centres, clean rooms and rooms with high dust incidence
  • Flame detectors
  • Heat cables
  • Linear smoke alarms
  • Ventilation duct alarms
  • Sonic beep alarms
  • Flashing lights
  • Couplers for activation systems
  • Couplers for the technical registration of fault notifications
  • Alarm technology for explosive hazard areas
  • Fire service key boxes, route maps and plans

Electroacoustic and public address systems

  • Public address systems for large buildings, shopping centres, airports, hotels, public buildings, halls, hospitals and places of assembly
  • Public address systems e.g. for the automatic evacuation of buildings, with saved texts in different languages
  • Different standardised alarm signal tones or pause gong
  • Manual announcements and information facilities with microphone input
  • Gentle background music for sales areas
  • Broadcast publicity blocks at scheduled times / on certain days
  • Miniature systems for table loudspeakers or radio microphones
  • Output amplifier for loudspeakers with modular extension facility housed in 19 inch cabinet
  • Speech storage devices for announcements
  • Control devices for linkage of input and output channels
  • Intercom units
  • Fire service intercom units
  • Wall-installed loudspeakers
  • Ceiling-installed loudspeakers
  • Loudspeaker boxes
  • Ball loudspeakers
  • Horn loudspeakers
  • Sound projectors

Buildings management

  • Central control of fire alarm, break-in detection, video surveillance, access control, public address and emergency evacuation systems and technology

24 hour service

  • Safety and security technology service contracts with 24 hour availability 365 days in the year, response times in keeping with individual requirements

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