Tailwind for young heroes

Hansa Projekt has teamed up with sport club TVV Neu Wulmstorf. The company recently kitted out the footballers of the E youth team with new shirts. And the little nippers were overjoyed.

What does Hansa Projekt have in common with a football team? Both are full of energy and team spirit. And the team spirit at both Hansa Projekt and the E youth team of TVV Neu Wulmstorf is strong. The company did not hesitate to support the young players of between 9 and 10 years of age when they looked to them for help. A set of new shirts had to be whisked in. They strutted about as bold as brass in the black and red striped shirts and felt almost like big stars. The result of the new partnership was soon evident: the young artists with the ball from TVV Neu Wulmstorf won the first game in the new Hansa Projekt kit 3-1. Well done!

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